Emergency Industrial Door Repair Birmingham

Your industrial doors are your first line of defense against thieves and burglars. It is critical to ensure that all entrances and exits to your commercial premises are reliable, durable and functioning at all times. However, there comes a time when the doors become faulty, losing their ability to offer sufficient security. That’s when you need to call Mercian Doors.

We are one of the leading industrial door contractors in Birmingham and the greater Midlands region. Our professional door technicians are always available to provide efficient industrial door repair and maintenance solutions whenever you need them, whether it is after business hours or early in the morning.

Why Choose Mercian Doors for Your Industrial Repairs?

Mercian Doors has been offering world-class rapid door repair services since 1975, and we are proud to be of service to our clients in the Midlands for more than 45 years. Throughout these years, we have not only undertaken the installation of doors and shutters, but we have provided unsurpassed door repairs, maintenance, and servicing backup as well. With such experience in a highly competitive industry, we have the upper hand because we have a knack for anticipating issues that might make repair works go awry. As a result, we work efficiently with quality workmanship.

Faulty industrial doors can be a result of intentional or accidental damage. The problem can also be caused by corrosion or wear-n-tear. Whatever the issue, we have a team of trained and certified door technicians who know door failures and their possible remedies.

At Mercian Doors, we will work together to achieve reasonable pricing for your repair projects, whether you installed original Mercian Doors or from an alternative manufacturer. We maintain the highest level of transparency and integrity when offering estimates. For this reason, we will not fleece you with upfront-payment requests or low-balled solutions for low prices. All we want is to provide pocket-friendly industrial door repair solutions that offer value to your business.

Repairing All Types of Doors for Businesses Across Different Sectors

A faulty commercial door can cost you highly, especially when it causes downtime, leading to the loss of business. Why go through such drawbacks when you can contact Mercian Doors to handle the issues in the shortest time possible? Our experienced door contractors are experts in all types of industrial door issues, including:

  • Manual and automatic doors
  • Door locks
  • Industrial doors (fire doors, PVC curtains, rubber doors, garage shutters, aluminium doors, door rollers, etc.)
  • Grilles
  • Emergency exit hardware, etc.
  • Sectional doors

We have an extended project portfolio featuring many projects in which we have partnered with a wide range of businesses in different industrial realms. They include:

  • Shopping malls and chain stores
  • Governmental departments (police, fire, and ambulance)
  • Schools
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hotels, Airports, and commercial premises
  • Financial institutions
  • Restaurants, etc.

Preventative Industrial Door Maintenance

To avoid dealing with emergency door repairs, it would be best to schedule occasional preventative maintenance. It alleviates the stress, high costs, and risks that come with emergencies. At Mercian Doors, we can help you create a regular preventive maintenance program. By letting us handle that, we can detect potential issues and faults before they culminate into more significant problems, thus saving you money and time in the long term.

For emergency industrial door repair and maintenance, please contact us at 0121 546 0799, and one of our representatives will be ready to answer all your queries.