Fire Door installation Birmingham

Birmingham Fire Door Installation

Fires are an unfortunate fact of life and can occur at any time and create a loss of life, property and income. Birmingham has seen its fair share of fires, including the major fire incident at Tyseley Industrial Estate 2020. 

Fire prevention is essential for any domestic, commercial, or industrial premises. To facilitate a safe working environment, following the UK laws and guidelines is the best way to prevent or manage a fire. Bearing in mind the no 1 rule of fire – everyone goes home. One of the ways to ensure everyone goes home is by installing fire doors.

Why You Should Install Fire Doors

Fire doors help save lives. They can contain a fire from 30 mins to 4-hours. This allows workers, visitors and staff to escape from the flames and smoke, reducing injury and fatalities. The doors can also protect your building and property by containing an outbreak until the fire is under control.



Fire doors are a legal requirement; if you own a commercial or industrial building in Birmingham, you must comply with several regulations. The main one for fire is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – (FSO).

Need To Know Info About Fire Doors

All business and commercial premises need to conduct a fire risk assessment and nominate a Responsible Person who is legally responsible for carrying out specific duties per the fire risk assessment. A requirement for the Responsible Person is to ensure that people can evacuate their premises as quickly and safely as possible.

There are two vital functions that fire doors provide,

  1. When closed, the fire doors are a barrier to stop fire and smoke from spreading—containing the fire and smoke for a time, allowing people to escape.
  2. When opened, the fire doors provide a means of escape.

If you want to avoid being in serious trouble—that includes fines and jail sentences—don’t compromise either of these two vital functions, either by,

The primary consideration of fire doors is the safety of life. Therefore, it is crucial to place the appropriately fire-rated doors in the right place to fulfil this. At Mercian Doors, we supply fire resistant roller shutter doors. These doors can be used at a building’s opening and internally to segregate different areas, like in a warehouse. We also provide FRDH Fire Resistant steel hinged doors. These types of doors are certified and provide up to 4-hours of fire resistance.

Selecting Fire Doors

Talk to the professionals to ensure you get the correct doors for your building. Everyone wants to save money but not at the expense of lives! Discussing your needs with a competent, experienced company will ensure you have the best product for your environment. Correct installation of your fire doors is essential for them to function. Plus, proper maintenance is essential. Using professionals like Mercian Doors with over 45+ years of experience ticks all the boxes to find, install and maintain your Birmingham fire doors.