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Roller Shutter Doors

S75 Roller Shutter

roller shutters, security shutters

Mercian un-insulated galvanised roller shutter door is manufactured to a traditional construction and offers the following benefits:

  • Can suit regular shaped openings or special applications.

  • Lintels and floor tracks are not necessary and the side guides can usually be concealed behind reveals for protection.

  • Compact in design, the door provides minimal intrusion into building space.

  • A choice of finishes are available, including a range of British Steel HP200 & HPS200 colours or polyester powder coating in RAL or BS4800 shades for corporate colour schemes.

  • Personnel doors can also be incorporated.

  • Maximum opening size: 12000mm wide; 12000mm high; max area 120m².

  • Available in manual or electric operation.

S100 Insulated Roller Shutters

Mercian insulated roller shutter doors combine the compact design of roller shutters with energy efficiency.

Purpose designed interlocking lath infilled with insulation and all round weatherseals.

  • Minimum intrusion into building headroom.

  • Also available in fast acting form – the Speedflex – eliminating the need for a secondary fabric fast acting door on high traffic access points.

  • Maximum opening size: 7000mm wide; 8000mm high; max area 56m².

  • Available in manual or electric operation. 

We have been manufacturing and maintaining external industrial and commercial doors here at Mercian since 1975. Since then, our Birmingham headquarters has become a regional hub and we are proud to manufacture and maintain external, industrial and commercial doors here at Mercian. This has enabled Mercian to provide national customers with a wide range of industrial doors, from the most advanced to the smallest and most basic.

Mercian products are compliant with the International Trade Organization ( ITC ) and the European Union ( EU ) regulations.

We offer doors that are high quality, high – quality and safe, with a high level of durability and durability, as well as a wide range of hinges and other features. Each product is custom built, with an array of opening apps suited to a wide selection of materials to match their purpose, keeping out the elements, lower the risk of the fire spreading and contributing to the overall security. For those whose requirements are one to ten or more doors, we can help you out with a wide range of doors that can fit and supply you with the right size and shape for your needs. The doors can be upgraded to give you improved performance, or you can replace worn doors with those of the like specification.

We have doors in mind, but can not find them on our site, so please have them in your mind and we will be pleased to help. The Maintenance & Service Division is dedicated entirely to providing reactive and planned maintenance for our industrial doors, as well as for the maintenance of our facilities in the industrial sector. We offer a single point of contact and all jobs are handled by the same person from receipt of the order invoices to receipt and receipt by our customer.

Service Packages

Whether your doors are an original Mercian door or came from an alternative supplier, we can offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of your business. 

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Mercian can organise a personal, local and rapid response to all emergency door breakdowns for all products in any location.

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