Industrial Roller Door Repair Harborne

Industrial roller doors are secure, convenient, and compact, making them to be the most effective and reliable door solutions in Harborne, UK. And they suit a variety of industrial environments because they are durable and strong.

Roller shutter doors are often installed in commercial spaces and warehouses, providing a perfect solution where access is restricted. If your roller door malfunctions, the security of your premise will be compromised. That’s why it would help to have it repaired as soon as possible.

A roller door that operates intermittently, jams, damaged, or gets stuck at some point is a great nuisance, and is something that needs your attention. It can let you down when you least expected.

If you are a resident of Harborne, UK, you can always contact Mercian Industrial Doors whenever you notice a problem with your roller door. When you contact us, we’ll assess your door and diagnose the cause of the problem. 

The Industrial Door Experts

Mercian has been servicing and manufacturing high-quality external commercial and industrial roller doors for close to five decades. So, whether your door came from us or from another supplier, we can offer you both repair and maintenance services at an affordable cost.

Security doors/roller shutter are heavy and are bound to develop mechanical problems with time, so our team is here to help keep your doors in good condition.

We understand that it’s necessary for your shutters to adhere to legal requirements and provide a safe and optimally healthy environment for your employees and customers. Specifically, your doors and roller shutters must comply with the 1992 Workplace Regulation and will be inspected every year.

While some issues with your shutters can be small, such as debris and dirt collecting in tracks and rails, small dents or damages to the shutter, other problems like serious damages or electrical issues will need professionals to fix.

We perform all kinds or roller shutter repairs, no matter the models or makes. We resolve both minor and major faults and will ensure the full functionality of your roller shutters are restored.

High Quality Roller Shutter Repair & Installation Services

Installation, replacement, or repair of security shutters/shutter doors may seem difficult when you first hear about it. But this is only true when you hire unqualified contractors.

Mercian experts are specialists in all issues to do with security shutters. We’ll get the job done first and right the first time – no guesswork. Whether you need a maintenance service or an emergency roller shutter repair, Mercian has the experience and knowledge to handle the work and exceed your expectations.


We deal with:

  • Gates and barriers
  • Shop front doors (Shutters)
  • Security doors
  • Environmental shutters
  • Industrial doors (Shutters), and
  • Automatic doors

Regular Maintenance

You can save on repair costs by ensuring your roller shutters are well maintained. We can clean your curtains, ventilation holes, and guides, and also ensure the shutters are well lubricated. Doing this will not only protect the shutters against damage but will also extend their lifespans.

When you are on our regular maintenance programs, you’ll eliminate the need for repair services. During our maintenance inspections, we’ll also replace any parts that we feel are worn out.

Contact us Today for A Free Quote

Once you notice any problem with your rolling shutters, call us immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get and the higher will be the repair costs. Our lines are open 24/7 because we offer emergency services. Even if you just suspect that something might be wrong with your shutters, call us so we can inspect them.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approves us for the repair and maintenance of shutters and doors under LPS 1197.