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Shop Front, Mall Shutters and Window Guards

C50 or C75 Clearline Roller Shutters Doors

Mercian’s Clearline perforated shutters, also known as mesh shutters helps protect commercial property but at the same time allows the public to see what is on display:

  • Helps reduce being the victim of petty crime.

  • Keeps out vermin.

  • Traditional construction available in 50mm flat or 75mm curved steel slats dependant on size.

  • Gives 30% light transmission.

  • Provides airflow.

  • Available in an extensive range of finishes.

  • Maximum opening size 12000mm wide x 6000mm high, giving a maximum 30m² of vision.

A227 Brickbond Grille and A400 Brickbond Mastergrille

Meanwhile if the public is to have a greater view of displays then a brickbond grille is the solution.  Maximum opening size of 6000 mm wide  x 4000 mm high.  

Shop Shutter Installation

To achieve physical security to openings that previously have either been too large or required the use of intermediate removable mullions, then Mastergrille 400 has a maximum opening size of 10000 mm wide x 6000 mm high.


Service Packages

Whether your doors are an original Mercian door or came from an alternative supplier, we can offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of your business. 

Arrange a consultation

Mercian can organise a personal, local and rapid response to all emergency door breakdowns for all products in any location. Call us on 0121 544 6124 or get in touch online.