Perforated Shutters: What You Need To Know

Perforated shutter rollers are an excellent solution for shop fronts and garage cells among other commercial and industrial applications that call for elegance, durability, strength, and visibility. Although perforated shutters are mainly used in shops, you can also find them in shopping centres, hospitals, libraries, gyms, and cinemas.

But how exactly do they differ from other types of shutters, and what benefits can you expect by choosing perforated roller shutters?

The Difference between Perforated Shutters and other Types of Shutters

There are many different types of roller shutters, depending on how they are installed, how they are operated, and how much visibility they can allow. Perforated shutters are just like ordinary shutters; the only difference is that perforated shutters come with many small holes drilled through them. However, perforated shutters have to be distinguished from punched shutters, which have larger rectangular holes covering about 50% of the shutter. The holes on perforated shutters are smaller and the empty space that they create on the shutter occupies only about 20% of the shutter. The holes on our perforated shutters are meant to serve a number of purposes. For instance, they allow people to see through for security and window shopping purposes. They also allow for air circulation and even gives rollers shutters an aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Perforated Shutters

At Mercian Industrial Doors, we advise our some of our clients to invest in perforated roller shutters because we understand the benefits that this kind of shutters bring. Some of the benefits that you can expect by getting perforated roller shutters for your business premises include:


Enhanced Security
Our rollers shutters are made of high-quality materials, and therefore, you can count on them to keep burglars out. However, the holes on our perforated roller shutters come with an added security advantage in the sense that they can allow security guards to see if there is anyone in your business premises.


Encourage Window Shopping
In addition to keeping burglars and vandals away, perforated shutters allow people to see the inside of your shop even when the shutters have been rolled down. Therefore, window shoppers will still be in a position to see what you sell even when your business is closed.


Our perforated shutters are made of reflective and sleek metal, creating an impressive sight. They are futuristic in appearance, and you can expect them to take advantage of natural light to introduce an added element of beauty.



The Bottom Line
Overall, it is apparent that perforated shutters are an excellent security solution for businesses that are at risk of getting broken into. In addition to providing high levels of security, perforated shutters allow people to see what you sell even when your shop is closed. If you are looking for a reliable roller shutters expert to help you with the installing or repairing your perforated roller shutters in West Midlands, Mercian Industrial Doors is your best choice.

Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and the products that we offer.