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Company Accreditations

Our Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Assessed to ISO 9001:2015

Certificate number 355

Health and Safety Statement

It is the policy of the Directors of Mercian Industrial Doors to treat Health & Safety with the respect it deserves to safeguard not only the company’s employees but also the company’s visitors, client’s employees, the general public and anyone also who may be affected by our operation.

The Policy has been produced to help the company comply with current relevant Health & Safety legislation, HSC Approved Codes of Practice, HSE Guidance and recommendations from recognised trade bodies. We believe that the Accreditations that follow demonstrate our total commitment to Health and Safety.

Product Accreditation

Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

LPS 1056: Test and Evaluation Requirements for the Approval and Listing of Fire Doorsets, Lift Landing Doors and Shutter Assemblies

LPS 1271: Requirements for LPCB Approval and Listing of companies installing fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and smoke/fire barriers

LPS 1197: Requirements for LPCB Approval and Listing of companies inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire and security doors, doorsets, shutter and active smoke/fire barriers