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Mercian doors is leading in Roller Shutter door Installation in Birmingham, and provider of other industrial doors and windows to ensure maximum safety while maintaining high standards of quality. We have been in business since 1975, and our constant quality delivery to our customers has kept us going. Our products and services are diversified and customized to meet different your individual business needs. We don’t discriminate against clients based on the size of their business, as we are always ready to assess your business needs and provide you with the best suited solution. We provide the best quality roller shutter doors at the best prices in Birmingham and across the country.

What is a roller shutter door?

A shutter door is specially designed for businesses to provide maximum safety.

The door is specially designed for smaller spaces, and it operates by sliding up and down on guide channels or tracks. When completely rolled up or open, these slacks closely fit into a box (internal face fix) designed above the door on the inner side. Shutter doors apply a set of techniques which make it easy to operate, while offering increased protection to your premises and good visual appeal.

Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors in Birmingham

Our roller shutter doors come in two designs: the insulated and un-insulated. We offer the traditionally designed, un-insulated and galvanised to provide you with maximum safety for your premises. You can also opt for the insulated roller shutter door, which combines the above qualities with more energy and efficiency. The insulated roller shutter door has an interlocking lath fitted with insulation and surrounding weather seals. Both the insulated and un-insulated shutter doors offer following advantages:

  • They are suited for different sized openings, as the door is specially build to fit in the desired opening.
  • The door is easy to operate and comes with a simple manual for new users.
  • With Mercian roller shutter doors, you don't need floor tracks and lintels as the side guides are concealable with reveals offering maximum protection. You opt for either a built-in (installed on a lintel) or built-on (installed on the exterior) roller shutter door depending on the nature of the opening or as per your personal taste.
  • We always have safety in mind when designing our products, and our doors are compact in design leaving no room for intrusion.
  • You get to choose the door finishing depending on your taste and preferences. We have HPS200 colours or polyester powder coating, British Steel HP200 and in RAL, and other BS4800 shades for corporate themes.
  • Shutter doors offer maximum safety. They are high heat resistant and can contain fire from spreading through your premises. They also resist harsh weather conditions such as storms leaving your property intact at times of disaster.
  • With Mercian roller shutter doors, we provide you with two choices; you can opt for either manual or electric operated shutter doors.
  • Our insulated roller shutter door has the advantage of speed-flex making it most suitable for high traffic access points.
  • Roller shutter doors have a good appeal, and when installed in your business, they come with a sense of class for your brand.

Our Installation Services

Once you place your order, you don’t need to stress over the installation of your door. Upon request, we supply and provide installation services to our clients as part of Original Equipment (OE) regardless of the number of doors you order.

We also offer maintenance services and replacement for worn out doors. You can contact us with your door problems. Even if your door is not Mercian product, we will conveniently repair it and return its full functionality. We also replace and upgrade different types doors whenever necessary. To avoid regular breakdowns, we advise our clients to work out regular maintenance schedules to take care minor problems before they escalate.


We understand the importance the relevance of doors when it comes to the security of your business. For this reason, our contact center is always open to deliver the necessary services around the clock.

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Overall, it is apparent that a well-installed roller shutters can significantly improve your shop’s security and make it quite convenient for you to access and close your business. If you are looking for reliable roller shutter installation services, Mercian Industrial Doors is the best service provider to work with in Birmingham. We have over 40 years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Feel free to contact Mercian Industrial Doors for more information about our company and our services & packages.