Security Door Installation

Even though decorating your home or business area may seem more fun than installing security measures, thieves or fire may strike, destroying your beautiful property.  Therefore, it is wise to ensure that the doors to your valued property are as secure as possible.

Don’t allow robbers to come into your premises to access your valuables. Check your exterior doors regularly to ensure that the frames are strong and the hinges are secure. If you think changing door locks is necessary after moving into a previously occupied residence, do it.

Here are some great ideas to guide you in choosing the security door convenient for your needs:

With the changing needs in the business premises, it is important to settle for a future-proof industrial door. It would help if you chose a door that suits the appearance of your building. Ideally, a corporate style is preferable for business premises. Therefore, your industrial door should be easy to replace and relocate, especially when new clients want to use the building.

It is advisable to install fire doors in risk areas such as the kitchen and rooms with many electronic devices. The fire door prevents fire from spreading to other rooms, reducing the risk of losing your property to fire. Ensure your fire door is made from solid timber and is covered with fire-resistant glass. The glass should be able to withstand high temperatures for at least 1 hour before softening.

The first thing to consider when buying the door hinges is the type of the door hinge you want. There are many types of door hinges to choose from, and each is suitable for a certain door. Choose hinges that are affordable yet of good quality. Also, when replacing hinges, ensure that the new ones are similar to the old ones for compatibility.

PVC curtains and rubber doors are essential in separating your work area perfectly without inhibiting movement. Your PVC curtain should be able to withstand the temperature of your room. Also, the rubber doors are flammable; therefore, you should be careful while using them to avoid fire risks.

Importantly, you should consider the size of your door while choosing the rubber doors. A perfectly fitting rubber door will serve you effectively. Although the PVC curtain requires replacement, it is important to buy one of good quality to save money.

The use of shutters is common in business premises today. However, not all shutters may be ideal for your premise. The security challenges in your area will influence your choice. If you live in an area prone to theft, you need strong ones to enhance your property’s security. Also, the type of merchandise you deal with influences the display and appearance of your front door. Therefore, your shutter of choice should suit your needs.

It is important to be aware that there are two types of shutter garage doors. A single skin steel shutter is ideal for premises where noise, security and insulation are not a priority. The door is loaded with springs for easy operation, and it can give you enough headroom above the lintel.

On the other hand, the double-skinned aluminium shutter door is quieter and electrically driven for convenience. The door is made of foam-filled slats, which roll to a tighter size, increasing the height of your garage.

Getting Started

A security door is a wise investment if you want to improve the security of your home or business premises. Security doors deter intruders and ensure that your family and properties are safe. Our team of experts at Mercian Industrial Doors are willing and ready to assist you in protecting your property while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your beautiful home or business.

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Overall, it is apparent that a security door can significantly improve your shop’s security and make it quite convenient for you to access and close your business. If you are looking for reliable roller shutter installation services, Mercian Industrial Doors is the best service provider to work with in Birmingham. We have over 40 years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Feel free to contact Mercian Industrial Doors for more information about our company and our services & packages.