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Servicing & Maintenance Packages

Across the UK from our Birmingham head office Mercian service the planned preventative maintenance needs of national group outlets, so significantly reducing door failures which can cost the business essential loss of earnings if these breakdowns occur at key trading times.

We have established a service support programme designed to meet the needs of the modern multiple retailer and our technical team will work with you to determine the service programme you need in line with your door usage requirement and maintenance budget.

Whether your doors are an original Mercian door or came from an alternative supplier, we can offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of your business and your subsequent frequency of door usage.

Our contracts are developed with your needs and budget in mind and so take into account:

Logical service intervals at times to suit your key operating hours.

Special pricing offers on spares and components.

Reports advising of door usage and therefore anticipated component replacement needs, together with changes in this activity since the last report. This enables you to forward plan maintenance repairs on your door(s).

Reports of door misuse/abuse. So that you can ensure your people know how to use and so look after your door(s) properly and therefore maximise its(their) life expectancy.

Rapid response times should a door unexpectedly fail.

Reliable and Efficient Service Delivery

Whatever programme is developed for your business’s needs, national or regional, our engineers will be on site at the pre-agreed interval times to check that your doors are performing to maximum efficiency.  Any problems will be reported immediately with a proposed solution and cost, so that you can make an instant, informed decision on what you should do next.

Mercian can then present a door maintenance proposal that should avoid further emergency breakdowns, reduce intermittent problems and ensure that your business is kept on track for a sensible budget.

Speak to us today and rest assured that there is then one less problem for you to have to encounter at the worst of times.