What Type Of Buildings Can Benefit From Roller Shutters

From garages to prisons, roller shutters are excellent protection from inclement weather, criminals and fire. At Mercian Doors, we supply several types of roller shutters to suit a range of buildings and requirements. A professionally fitted roller shutter is an investment in your building and personnel, offering peace of mind over security and protection. 

Shops, Shopping Centres & Offices

The usual choice for these types of buildings is the commercial roller shutters. At Mercian Doors, you can find un-insulated and insulated roller shutters alongside our fire resistant roller shutter doors

Roller shutters are an elegant and practical solution for security against theft, property damage and vandalism. Alongside fire safety and temperature control for individual premises and within shopping centres. Other areas that would benefit from installing roller shutters would be museums, art galleries, theatres and schools.

Uninsulated Roller Shutters

Our galvanised roller shutters are made to a maximum area size of 120m² and up to 12000mm wide; 12000mm high. Lintels and door tracks are not necessary & we can conceal side guides. You can opt for manual or electric control, and if required, we can install a personnel door. You can also have the shutters match your corporate colours using British Steel HP200 & HPS200 colours or polyester powder coating in RAL or BS4800 shades – attractive and functional.

Insulated Roller Shutters

Our insulated roller shutters are of an energy-efficient design coupled with all-around weather seals, plus interlocking lath infilled with insulation. These roller shutters can be made to a maximum area size of 56m² and up to 7000mm wide; 8000mm high. For high traffic areas, you can order these roller shutters in a fast-acting form using Speedflex.

Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Doors

It goes without saying that fire doors are an important safety measure for many types of buildings. The SF50 or SF75 fire resistant roller shutter doors from Mercian Doors have several features that can give peace of mind to business owners. Especially in those facilities where kitchens may be open. In this instance, you can use a countertop fire resistant shutter. Installing fire-resistant roller shutters can provide up to 4 hours of fire resistance. Weather damage, fire, inclement temperature control, even noise, and not forgetting the criminal element, can cause a huge reduction in the profitability & productivity of a business. Responsive fast-acting fire resistant roller shutters are our recommendation for these types of buildings.

Agricultural Buildings

Mercian Doors’ industrial roller shutters are a versatile, cost-effective way to protect any of your agricultural buildings. Made to your specifications, they can be designed to be wide enough to allow the passage of livestock and farm equipment into your farm buildings. In addition, the regulation of temperature that insulated roller shutters help maintain can be particularly pertinent to agricultural buildings.

Other Buildings

Other areas that benefit from installing roller shutters are museums, art galleries, theatres and schools. Prisons, garages and fire stations also have benefited from the use of roller shutters. 

Considering installing roller shutter doors in your building? Contact us and chat with our experienced team. We can advise, design, construct and install roller shutters. Another big plus at Mercian Doors is our maintenance and service division offers 24/7 support and some cost-effective service packages.

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