Why Are Fire Doors Important?


We all know how dangerous fire is. Searing heat, suffocating smoke and devouring flames can run riot through your property, causing immense destruction and potential loss of life. Taking fire prevention precautions anywhere is common sense. There are fire safety regulations to follow in the workplace. Ignoring these can land you with a fine or even a prison sentence alongside all the damage a fire can do.

Industrial fire doors are an essential part of any fire safety protocol. They are a passive fire prevention system—a legal requirement in certain buildings, including commercial properties—that prevent the spread of fire and smoke, facilitate early detection of a fire and aid in the safe evacuation of staff and customers.

Main Types Of Workplace Fires

  • Faulty electrics
  • Combustible, flammable materials on the premises
  • Lack of training
  • Cheapskate on fire prevention resources
  • Arson

Reasons To Install Fire Doors 

As we have read, fires can be accidental or criminally ignited. Therefore, being prepared to manage fire is imperative to keep the damage to your business to a minimum.

The primary purpose of industrial fire doors is to halt the spread of fire and save lives. They are a passive fire prevention system and a legal requirement in certain buildings, including commercial properties.

Halting The Spread of Fire 

Containing the spread of fire allows people to escape the fire via alternative routes. The design and installation of industrial fire doors keep those routes clear for as long as possible. Installing the correctly placed fire doors provides an essential level of safety for your employees and customers.

Halting The Spread Of Smoke

The dangerous gases in the smoke from a fire can kill. However, the installation of fire doors halts the spread of smoke, allowing people to escape.

Early Detection Of Fire

Industrial fire doors come with a built-in smoke detector. The detectors will immediately sound an alarm on sensing a fire, allowing people to implement fire protocols early.

Designed To Allow For Safe Evacuation

The principle of fire doors is to halt fire and stop the spread of smoke for up to 4-hours. They have thermally sensitive mechanical systems or electromechanical alarm linked systems to let everyone know a fire has started. Industrial fire doors can operate by gravity descent which can be speed limited gravity descent or powered descent options. 

What Are Fire Doors

Industrial fire door construction can be a combination of glass, gypsum, steel, aluminium and timber. On installation, any gaps between the wall and the door need to be filled with a fire-resistant sealant.

All fire doors are tested and certificated with a fire-resistance rating. This certificate proves it’s a fire door and is tested to an appropriate British or European standard by a third party accreditation scheme. At Mercian Industrial Doors, we offer two types of fire doors.

Fire-Resistant Roller Shutter Doors – SF70 & SF75

These doors are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) – Certificate No. 355b/01 to LPS 1056.

The shutter doors offer fire resistance for up to 4-hours.

FRHD Fire-Resistant Steel Hinged Fire Doors

These doors are tested to BS476 Part 22 standard giving them up to 4 hours of fire resistance.  

Looking After Your Fire Doors

You have taken the time to select the right fire doors for your industry. The next step is to maintain them to optimum working level. Mercian Industrial Doors offer service and maintenance packages for all types of fire doors. Contact them to discuss your requirements.

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