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At Mercian Doors, we have high-quality fire doors in Coventry.

Fire Doors Coventry

Are you searching for fire doors that are customized to your company’s needs in Coventry and the surrounding area? Look no farther than Mercian Industrial Doors for the solution you’re looking for. Since 1975, we’ve been there to help. Our team’s experience is ready to assist you to choose the right type of doors for your business and how to maintain them.

We have over three decades of expertise in the industry and provide a comprehensive selection of goods for both commercial and residential usage. Our staff is committed to offering excellent customer service and a positive overall experience for our clients.

We are passionate about what we do. We have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality, low-cost materials to our customers. Whether you need anything more regarding any of our items or services, please contact us immediately.

Why You Need a Fire Door

These doors, when installed in your facility, allow people inside to flee via routes that may otherwise be blocked by fire. Commercial fire doors are a passive fire safety measure. The Mercian fire doors are intended to limit the spread of flames by confining them to a specific spot for a longer period of time.

These doors are an essential element of any facility’s fire safety strategy. They assist to safeguard your workers and customers from the danger of fire, smoke, and noxious gases. Commercial and industrial buildings in Coventry may use either manual or automatic fire doors which are in our collection.

Always make sure all doors are in good working order at all times to ensure they continue to function effectively. If they aren’t, there’s a chance people might get trapped if there is ever a major incident caused by fire or smoke damage.

Fire doors birmingham
Fire door Birmingham

Different Fire Doors in Coventry

At Mercian Doors, we can assess your needs and meet your requirements for an upgrade or improve the performance of your existing doors. In addition, we can replace worn-out doors to the same specs, be that for one door or many.

We provide two main types of fire doors across the UK. We have fire-resistant steel hinged doors and fire-resistant roller shutter doors SF50 or SF75.

Why Choose Mercian Doors?

The UK’s major supplier of industrial doors is Mercian Doors. We’ve been supplying high-quality, long-lasting fire doors to Birmingham businesses for over 30 years. Fire-rated doors, security doors, roller shutter garage doors, and more are all part of our offering. You can count on us to deliver outstanding service every time – whether you have a big order or a small order.

If you ever have any queries regarding our goods or require advice on which one is best suited for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our pleasant employees who will be delighted to assist.

Our Industrial Doors Coventry

Fire-Resistant Steel Hinged Fire Doors

These doors form part of your armour against fire and its devastating effects on property and life. Our FRDH doors have undergone the BS476 Part 2 procedures, which gives them up to 4 hours of resistance to fire. The key benefits of the fire-resistant steel hinged for doors include:

Fire-Resistant Roller Shutter Doors SF50 or SF75

These popular doors are economical and provide our customers with peace of mind concerning fire safety. Plus, the doors are flexible to use, from compartmentation in a warehouse or sectioning off a potential risk opening, like a kitchen counter. 

The Mercian industrial doors come with a maximum opening size of 7000mm wide x 7000mm high or 10000mm wide x 5000mm high with electric operation. Oversized doors will require a special assessment.

How They Can Benfit you

  • You can be confident in them as they are certified by the Lost Prevention Certification Board, LPCB, Certificate No: 355b/01 to LPS 1056.
  • Provide up to 4-hours fire resistance.
  • Option on 2-systems for activating closure of the fire-resistant roller shutter doors. 
    •  thermally sensitive mechanical systems 
    •  electromechanical alarm linked systems
  • 3-types of descent options available
    • Gravity descent
    • Speed limited gravity descent
    • Powered descent options
  • Available with curved and flat lath designs.
  • To match your corporate colour scheme, the doors can be coated in a polyester powder coating for our stock range in RAL or BS4800 shades.

Keeping Your Fire Doors In Tip Top Condition

Mercian Industrial Doors offers 24-hour maintenance and service. We are LPS 1197 certified, giving us the ability to provide maintenance, planned or reactive, for businesses in Coventry and the surrounding areas. We provide both manual and automatic doors, industrial locks, emergency exits, and fire shutters during maintenance.

Check out our service packages that are flexible in meeting your needs, whatever your business requirements.

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Choose Mercian Doors if you are searching for long-lasting, high-quality fire doors in Coventry and surrounding areas. Our items are of the greatest quality, so why would you go elsewhere?

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We hope we have answered all of your questions regarding our doors for fire safety. However, if we haven’t, we look forward to hearing from you.