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Fire Shutters

SF50 or SF75 Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Doors

The SF Series of Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Doors from Mercian gives customers peace of mind thanks to the following  benefits.

  • Certified by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). Certificate No. 355b/01 to LPS 1056.

  • Fire resistance up to 120 minutes.

  • Activation of closure is achieved by thermally sensitive mechanical systems or electro mechanical alarm linked systems.

  • Gravity descent, speed limited gravity descent or powered descent options are available. Flat lath and curved lath designs are available with a polyester powder coating from an extensive stocked range in RAL or BS4800 shades for corporate colour schemes.

  • Maximum opening size: 7000mm wide x 7000mm high.

The fire shutter is ideal for protecting openings such as a kitchen counter or compartmentation in warehousing.

To enquire about this product, quote: SF75 

FRHD Fire Resistant Steel Hinged Fire Doors

Mercian doors offer FRDH Fire Resistant steel hinged doors. These steel doors have been subject to BS476 Part 22, giving them up to 4 hours of fire resistance. The FRHD fire-resistant steel hinged doors have key benefits to them just as the SF series. The key benefits of the FRHD doors are:

  • The doors are co-ordinated: These steel hinged doors have a quality steel door set system that is designed for heavy use and are higher performance door openings.
  • Large Variations: These doors are also available in unlatched, latched and double-action door sets. You can request that this door comes with or without a vision panel.

If you are looking to get an FRHD fire-resistant steel hinged door, please get in touch with us and request free information.

Why are Fire Doors Important?

Key benefits:

  • Fire resistance lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.
  • Activating the closure is simply done. The mechanical systems are thermally sensitive; they can also be activated by the electromechanical alarm systems that are linked in.
  • Powered descent, speed limited gravity descent, or even gravity descent options are available to choose from. You can also choose from curved lath and flat lath designs; they are available with a coating that is polyester powder from a wide stocked range in RAL or BS4800 shades to go with corporate colour schemes.
  • Our Fire Shutters have a maximum opening size that is 7000 mm wide x 7000 mm high.

It’s no secret just how important doors are to any building. There would be no way in or out of any structure without a door. Obviously, there’s a massive range of doors and fire doors are the exact same. There are a lot of variations of fire doors and we supply them in a range of styles, colours and requirements.

Here at Mercian Doors, we have a series of fire doors, primarily the SF Series. These fire-resistant roller shutter doors are some of the best you will be able to find on the market. They have always been the series we tell customers about when they are looking for a reliable certified fire-resistant door that will leave them with peace of mind.

How do Fire Doors work?

In the event of a fire, the fire door functioning sensor can allow the door to protect the property and save lives. The way that fire doors work is that they compartmentalize a building in the case of a fire. This eliminates the spread of smoke flames and will also keep the fire isolated to one area. There are also special materials that are used to insulate the doors that will help to control the spread of the fire. The insulation that is within the doors will help whenever you are in a climate controlled environment; this is done by helping to maintain a different temperature on the interior of the door as on the exterior.

Service Packages

Whether your doors are an original Mercian door or came from an alternative supplier, we can offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of your business.