Industrial Doors Birmingham

Why Choose Industrial Doors?

It is a well-known fact that Industrial doors can benefit warehouses and commercial buildings. Industrial doors have been used in the UK for many years, as they are designed to provide a high level of security, without being too heavy or cumbersome. Industrial doors are available in numerous styles to suit virtually any building type around Birmingham. Industrial roller shutter doors are perfect for loading bays, while Industrial fire doors are ideal for any building that must adhere to stringent safety regulations.


Industrial steel hinged doors can be used to provide effective security for retail premises in the city centre, so businesses need not worry about thefts or break-ins during opening hours. Industrial PVC curtains and rubber doors can ensure complete peace of mind when access to the building must be restricted for any reason, such as when government officials are carrying out an inspection of the premises. Industrial doors offer many benefits in Birmingham and Industrial doors, so it is essential that they are used correctly.

Industrial Door Installation

Industrial doors are usually very large, solid and technical, which means they have to be installed by professionals who are well versed in the art of door installation. Industrial doors are not only heavy but also need to withstand damages from time to time as well as adhere to local health and safety rules.

Why do I need Industrial Doors?

Industrial doors are an integral part of any warehouse or commercial building. Industrial doors provide security, energy efficiency and access control. We provide industrial doors, roller shutter doors, fire doors, steel hinged doors, PVC curtains and rubber door systems in and around Birmingham. Mercian Doors is a trusted leader in the industry providing reliable service to customers for years!

Industrial doors are the most efficient way to limit control and unauthorized access, protect employees, reduce energy costs and avoid liability. Mercian Doors Birmingham is dedicated to providing you with information on Industrial Doors no matter what size your building needs.

Our Industrial Door Range

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter door installation in Birmingham

Folding Sliding Doors

Folding Sliding door installation in Birmingham

Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors door installation in Birmingham

High Speed Doors

High Speed door installation in Birmingham

Fire Doors

Fire door installation in Birmingham

Steel Hinged Doors

Steel Hinged Door installations in Birmingham

PVC Curtains & Rubber Doors

PVC Curtains & Rubber Doors installation in Birmingham

Shop Front & Mall Shutters

Shop Front & Mall Shutters installations in Birmingham

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